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Ad overload

The game automatically plays an ad every time you die. Gross.

Cute but repetitive and broken weapons

Cute game and certainly nostalgic. One aspect I can’t stand is that your weapon breaks. This is so silly. After a weapon breaks, it could be many levels before a new weapon is found. If you last that long.

Good but.....

I like this game very much humbug my only problem is the ads, I would always get ads after I die just to get to the main screen and it is very annoying. I don't know if it's just me who's having this but please fix this ad problem.

Awful use of ADs

The game is fine. The ADs are awful. The videos are long and loud and even though I can understand watching an AD to get a second life...why force users to watch an AD after we are dead just to get to the main screen. Also buying the upgrade doesn’t appear to get rid of the ADs so what’s the point. I get that developers need to make money. There are a lot of games that do a good job balancing ADs but this one is not one of them.

Too many ads

Ads play even when you don’t want to continue. I was going to pay for the game but saw reviews that the ads continue. Instead I deleted the game.

It’s ok

It’s good if you have a few minutes to kill. The only way to progress decently is by saving money after death to buy character levels. There’s no point in using money for anything else in the game.

Add iPhone X support

Please add iPhone X support

Great rogue-like ...

Very enjoyable game, but, like so many other games, has an annoying behavior. I understand only supporting portrait orientation. But developers, please please PLEASE support flipping when I turn my tablet over. The iPad’s charge cable plugs into the bottom of the tablet. When I play at night I have my tablet plugged in to charge and I rotate the tablet so the charge cable is on the top... and your game doesn’t flip so it’s upside down. I have to turn my tablet over so it puts weight on the charge cable potentially damaging both my tablet and my cable.

Ads are bad

Non stop ads make this game worthless. Nothing worthwhile here, try a different game.

I love this game

This game is awesome. It takes me back to my childhood when I would spend hours playing Final Fantasy and Zelda on my NES. Great job!

Great game but

1. I get a 30 second ad every single time the game is over. Seriously, showing an ad after I choose to not revive (game over) while there is an option to revive by watching an ad is terrible. Like what’s the point then? I get to watch an ad anyways. 2. I’m not sure if there’s a setting or something but the control is a bit sensitive. But it’s fine if I do single swipes instead of scroll. 3. otherwise the game itself is wonderful.

Buff ninja

Great game, but the only issue is that the most expensive class, the ninja, is probably the worst as it can’t gain the most valuable resource: health. I understand that it’s a ninja and not supposed to get into fights, but he just can’t kill big things like dragons to get artifacts. Maybe make it so he gets one attack for killing things instead. Otherwise great game!


I normally don’t like retro style games but I gave this a try and was blown away. It is very simple and somewhat repetitive, bit something about this game makes it near impossible to put down. 5 stars all the way

Cute but repetitive

This game definitely gets down the feel of a traditional roguelike, with simple controls, permadeth, and an enjoyably tense atmosphere as you try to resource-manage between gold, health, and progress. That’s the game at its best. At its worst it’s grindy and tedious, and sometimes feels unfair. While I’ve definitely died a few times to mistakes I’ve made, too often it feels like you just find yourself in an unwinnable situation: you have no weapon, you’re in a dead-end area, and there’s a monster in the way. It’s kind of annoying to die every time because you took a wrong turn in the maze (or spawned in the wrong place), especially when death means a tedious slog through the earlier levels of the dungeon to reclaim your progress. All in all I’d recommend it, but it gets repetitive pretty quickly.

Pretty good but...

Good game, the only think I disklike is that when you die you get an option to revive yourself with an ad, but even if you don’t click that, you still get an ad a lot :(

Pretty cool

I love this game. It’s kinda hard but I hope to defeat it sometime. The only thing I don’t like is the ads. But in the App Store feature today it showed it in color, but it’s actually black and white. Plz update with color. Also make the spell scrolls ranged not melee.

Worst game ever

I the game is not even in color. To easy. Really boring.

Paid version still shows ads

Do not pay for the upgrade. While it is reasonable to believe this would remove the 30 second ads (which play after each 3-5 minute run), it doesn’t. Greedy and ridiculous. Fun game, but the ads completely ruin the experience.

False Advertising

The patch notes for version 1.2 say that you can remove ads by paying the $2.99 in app purchase but they still remain. False advertising kills an otherwise decent game.


I love 1-32 bit games I don’t know why but I do. This game is fun and easy. A must play.

Great time killer (super original title ik)

Not much to say other than that I love this style, no in app purchases (other than one to tip the dev a beer), the game is endlessly entertaining, and you should totally download it. Why haven't you yet you loser it's free just do it.

Cannot disable ads with purchase

The ads are baked in. You cannot buy the game to get rid of them. When you die an ad plays.

The roots of rouge

This game is pretty much perfect. It is the closest thing to a classic rouge-like on mobile. The only way to make it better would be to increase the weapon durability, but that's it. Great game, thoigh!



Отличный рогалик! Дайте на пиво разрабам!

Отличный рогалик таймкиллер!

Lots of fun

Once you figure out the strategy you can get really far.

Most obsurd ads

Worst in game ads of any game I've ever played. Gameplay is good but they need to find a different ad service.

Great Game!

I started playing this game a few days before I wrote this review, and I love it! The simple idea and minimalistic design make this game awesome! There are a few things I would like modified, but other than that, I seriously think this is one of the best games I've ever played on the App Store. Good. Job. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Rogue Game at its Best

Wow! An Awesome rogue like game!

Highly recommended for anyone, but...

Why so many ads? That's the only problem this game has. Other than that, the game is very addicting and perfectly nails the aesthetic of a retro RPG.

Well done

The weapon degrades way too fast for them to be useful but other than that its a great game

Perfect mobile rogue like/lite

This is the best rogue like on the App Store, and 1 of my favorites in the top 5. It might even be a perfect game. I love everything about 1-bit rogue. Im in love with the style, and the gameplay is perfect. There's just enough depth to it, and it's also just simple enough for mobile pick up and put down type play. As far as I can tell there isn't a single bug or glitch. Just total mind blown.

Keep it up you guys!

If the game developers are reading this, they need to know this is my favorite game on the App Store. I bought the ad-removing and 3-bit color granting In-App Purchase, which was well worth my money. I love the game and it's great, but I feel it has a lot more potential. If you would keep updating and fine-tuning the game, maybe with a daily/weekly challenge setting, I could see the game becoming way better. Better than it already is, which is hard to beat! Keep improving the game, and I think you could have a real success here!

Great roguelike

This game is wonderful especially for free, I couldn't help but supporting the devs for the 3-bit graphics they truly are lovely. I beat the game in a day, that's not to say it's easy by any means, I personally play a lot of roguelikes so I'm rather familiar with the genre but this game is a wonderful little roguelike with replayability cause even after you beat it you still can beat it with other classes which offer a whole new play style. If you're on the fence about this game, trust me, you're gonna love it if you're a fan of the genre.

Nostalgic, Strategic, and Fun

Great Turn-based roleplaying game with minimal design!

Great Game

Love this game. Great time passer if you have a few minutes, and also a great game to grind for hours on. The only improvement I think is to make the make the ninja able to gain health, because it's really annoying always dying in one hit. Great game, I would definitely recommend to everyone!

Needs more variety

I am a fan of it simple game style and charming music however the music it's a little repetitive after a while and I definitely have a problem with a lot of the characters. The clerk has the ability to abuse the ghosts to gain more life. While the ninja being the most expensive character is the most underwhelming with it's only buff being a DCY of 2 if they could just tweak the characters and flush out the game a little bit more I feel that this could be one of my favorite games in the AppStore

Pleasant, a little too simple to my taste

I like this game's look and it's simple controls but I wish it had a bit more to discover. The classes are too similar and I was disappointed that spells are the same as weapons.

Pretty good

This is definitely one of the better rogue games

Great simple game

Couldn't ask for more


But how do I get colors

Easy to play, hard to stop

This is a fun and simple game. Great for playing in traffic or a waiting room. I Paid for the full version so I can't speak on the ads being annoying. The only improvement I can think of for the dev is an option button in-game so you can toggle the music off or on without going to the main menu, which you only see after you die. I think that if this game got fleshed out like some of his others it could be a big hit.

Fun but gets way too repetitive

The game is immensely fun but gets a little too repetitive at times.

Added more advertising

The additional advertising added to the game makes it far less fun.


It's not good

Swiping my fingers off

My thumbs hurt

Classic fun

This game reminds me so much of the original Dragon Warrior for the NES. I love the sounds and I love the game play. Trying to avoid monsters when you only have 1 point left on your weapon before it breaks adds to the strategy of this game. Trying to see how far you can get as each character makes the game fun to play even after you beat the game.

Great fun, but not enough

Out of all of the guys you can buy with in game money to use, the most expensive, ninja, was pretty boring/crappy. I also feel like 50 floors isn't enough. I get to the end and think dang really?

Great game

Simple and easy for everyone to understand and have fun playing

Cloud saves?

I've lost saved games before, and with Apple cutting off filesystem access from iOS 8.3 and later, being able to backup or cloud-save directly from an app or game is more important than ever.

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